J Frequency

J Frequency launched his career in the Jungle / DnB genre in the early 90′s. He started Dj’ing and played for lots of events in the up and coming German D&B scene. His unique style of reggae and jump up, crossing the borderlines to jazzy or dark, technically selection makes him very versatile and an extremely successful artist. After a couple of years of
successfully branding himself as DJ J Frequency & promoting his own events ‘United Vibes’, Invasion & Real in Germany, he  quickly progressed to producing  his own material. ‘Dutty Rock’ founded with partner Tobie Scopes (Serial Killaz) hit the industry by storm and firmly imprinted J Frequency as a reputable artist in DnB scene. The first release ‘While U Gone’ entered the D&B Sales charts at No1 and was sold out after a few hours. The second Dutty Rock release (Don’t Run Away) followed in success. In 2006, label ‘Mix & Blend’ owned by the industry legendary Kenny Ken played host to some further J Frequency productions.  ”Bam Bam” and “Bounty Hunter” was heavily supported by some of the biggest DnB artists; it received huge radio support and completely sold out after a few hours of its release.  Following the huge success on Mix & Blend, “CODED FREQUENCY” was born, targeting ‘Jump Up’ and ‘Deep DnB and quickly become a new meeting point for producers all over the world. J Frequency has worked with a host of prestigious artists including ‘UK Apache’ and released the first release on his brand new label Nuttah Beats (Badman NB 001) and he also featured on DJ Smood  label ‘Wicked Vibes’, and was signed by DJ Phantasy for the ‘Jungle Story’ project. He has received support by some of the industries finest artists including Ash-A-Tack, Hype, Lemon D, Kenny Ken, Benny Page, Tomi Kayne, Phantasy, Nicky Blackmarket, Serial Killaz and many more. J Frequency founded Nightflight Records in late 2012. For bookings please contact: WORLDCLASS MANAGEMENT